Billy Squier ‎– Emotions In Motion x 2

Probably my least favourite cover. It’s one of the most common and copies can be found on both ebay and discogs for $10-15. I don’t know quite what it is but i just find the design very boring and almost on the verge of lazy. I’ve even been a little hesitant to get a copy but it is a “real” Wahol cover and as such it does have a place in any collection.

 Billy Squier ‎– Emotions In Motion (Capitol Records – ST-12217)

With the lack of Boston Pops’s and Cool Gabriels on ebay it was almost pure boredom that finally made me get this about two weeks ago. I got it from ebay for a whole $7,50, and i was obviously bored enough to also pick up the single put up as a “DJ copy” for another staggering $5. The LP is sealed and apart from a few small bumps on two corners it’s in mint condition. The single is a litte more beaten up with a semi split seam and a little staining.

In an article in the Boston Globe Squier says he basically just called Warhol up and asked if he would design the cover, Warhol accepted and just asked what colors Squier didn’t like (obvously he likes all colors since the entire rainbow is present) and eventually – a boring cover was made.

There is one funny thing about this design though, even if it’s a bit of a sidenote. In the video to the song Rock Me Tonite from his forth album Signs of Life Squier wears a t-shirt with the design from Emotions in Motion. The video shows him waking up, dancing around while getting dressed and eventually putting on a pink tank top and performing with his band. The video is generally considered one of the worst ever made. In the book on MTV’s history – I want my MTV – it’s listed as the worst ever and there’s an entire chapter about the video.

Squier also credits the video with ruining his career. But who knows, it might as well have been the lazy cover.


And the single… it has the same catalogue number as the 7″ with Emotions in Motion and Catch 22 but this one has Emotions in Motion on both sides so i don’t know what’s up with that…

 Billy Squier – Emotions in Motion (Capitol Records – B-5135)



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