Ratfab on ebay again

It’s been there for a few days. And it’s not the first time either. I first saw this copy back in may and then it was listed at $1150 and this time it’s at $949. Judging from the pictures this is the best looking copy that i’ve seen so far.

It’s not a crazy asking price in my opinion but if you’re a seller i still don’t think that high “buy it now” prices is the way to go with these kinds of records. Just look at the copy of The Joke/Chase the Dragon or the Trombone by Three album which has been on ebay for as long as i can remember.

Everyone likes the illusion of having the chance to make a bargain on these rare finds. And when they do show up it’s highly unlikely that they fly under the radar so from a sellers point of view i think the risk of a steal is almost non-existent. So i don’t think it’s the last time we’ll see this particular copy listed.


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