Got some extra cash to spend?

So what’s out there for those anxious to add some really rare pieces to their collection and who offcourse have the money to spend in order to do it?

I’ve previously posted on potential fakes togehter with an alleged signed copy of Fuego that sold on swedish site Bukowskis Market for close to $1000. If you can’t get enough of supposedly signed Miguel Bosé’s there a copy of Milano – Madrid on ebay right now for a cool $3300.

Speaking of spanish there is also a, albeit a very nice looking copy of the second record to Madigal’s Key to Spanish up for sale for a crazy $5000.

One of my personal favourites is the cover to the Boston Pops EP, got an extra $3500 to spend? Then contact the nice and resonable people at Shuga Records.

The Walter Steding single is another rare find, there’s one on ebay for $1000 at the moment. There’s also four on discogs ranging for $700-1000. Finally there’s one on for €600.

And here is a guy selling almost the entire Serenus Records discography, the price for This is the other side of John Wallowitch? Only $1750…

Finally there’s a weird site called which claim to have many of Warhol’s covers, including some of the most rare ones. They don’t list their asking price for any but a few covers. I’ve actually contacted them a few times to enquire about the Boston Pops EP they claim to have but never received any response at all. Since they also claim to have sold copies of both Progressive Piano and Night Beat and since they don’t reply to emails i’m guessing this is a scam of some sorts that i don’t fully understand.

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