The Nation’s Nightmare on YouTube

First things first. I’ve decided to start blogging in english. Mainly due to the fact that this might attract a slightly bigger audience. I currently have two followers and about one hit per week, so… things can only get better to quote D:Ream. I haven’t decided if i’m going to edit and update all the previous posts, but i probably will do this here and there when i find the time.

Anyway, a week or so ago i recieved a mock-up copy of my favourite cover of all – The Nation’s Nightmare from Richard Forrest. I haven’t had time to post images of this cover yet but i will this weekend. I’ve also been very curious about the actual recording of the radio show. Naturally i didn’t get the album with the cover so i’ve had to look for the audio elsewhere. I’ve found two “episodes” or what you want to call it on YouTube and it really is a great and interesting listen.

I’ve also asked Frank Edwards who runs the excellent blog warholcovers for help and he was so kind to offer to rip the recordings and send them to me. Thanks so much for this Frank, can’t wait to hear them all.



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