John Wallowitch – This is John Wallowitch!

I love black and white photography. I’m also very fond of repeated patterns and motives. So with that in mind it’s no big surprise that this is one of my favourite covers. As far as i know this is Warhols first album cover using photography as the medium resulting in a collage of photo booth type images. I’m not sure who the model is but i’ve always thought that it’s John Wallowitch’s brother Edward Wallowitch. Edward was a photographer and to the best of my knowledge also had a relationship with Warhol at about the time this cover was made. But who knows, maybe it’s John himself in the pictures.

John Wallowitch – This is John Wallowitch! (Serenus Records – SEP-2005)

This was an early addition to my collection and i remember being very happy to find a sealed copy on ebay. I also remember getting mad when it arrived because the mail man had left it outside the door to my apartment. At the time this was the most i had payed for an album. Now, a few years later i’ve come to realize that it’s not that incredibly rare and that i might have payed almost top dollar for it. Whenever i browse ebay i almost always see one or two sealed copies for about the same price that i payed.

It is a great looking cover though.


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