V/A – MTV High Priority x 2

A compilation album meant to raise awareness of breast cancer and with, i assume, the proceeds from the album being donated to charity. This isn’t one of my favourite covers due to several reasons. Primarily because it has an unfinished feeling to it, at least to me it does. This was also the cover that Warhol was working on when he was hospitalized and later passed away. Thus, the cover design was completed by his associates at The Factory, by who i don’t know.

So… i’m a little ambivalent regarding this cover. I haven’t been able to find any information regarding if the sketch on the cover is to be considered “finished” or if it was just still a draft. I also don’t know if Warhol had any input or ideas concerning the final design, coloring etc. or if this is the result of other peoples thoughts and ideas. Anyway, there are two versions of this cover. The first, and most common, one has red shading to the MTV logo and mixed red, white and blue colors on the text. The other, and much rarer one, has yellow shading to the logo as well as all the artists in black text and the same for the “Music Television” below the logo.

V/A – MTV High Priority (RCA Victor – 6396-1-R)

The version with red shading i’ve had for quite some time, if i remember correct i got it from ebay for a very resonable price. It’s sealed and in nearly perfect condition. This version is far from rare and right now there are a couple on both ebay and discogs for $20-30.

Last week i found what i almost didn’t know i was looking for. A copy with yellow shading to the logo. I noticed it about an hour after it was listed and i immediately hit “buy it now”. Since i haven’t really looked for it it’s hard for me to say how rare it is. Maybe the red one is a Volvo and the yellow one is Ferrari, they are out there but it’s not something you see every day. By my standard it’s in very nice condition apart from a small mark from what is probably a price sticker and a small ding to one of the corners.

This yellow one i had in my possession for roughly two hours. At this moment it’s on it’s way to Stockholm and Richard Forrest as a thank you for some unbelievably nice additions to my collection that he sent me and that i just picked up. But more on that later…

I hope you like it, Richard. And i hope it will be a nice addition to your collection. And many thanks once again.


6 thoughts on “V/A – MTV High Priority x 2

  1. Niklas! Jag är mer än nöjd. det var stort av dig att skänka bort denna Ferrari. Det var ju Kevin Kinney som upptäckte denna “gula” versionen och jag har letat länge efter ett ex. Jag såg detta på Ebay men det måste ha varit strax efter du snappat upp det. Bra pris också!

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