With a few exceptions…

The primary focus of my collection has always been the covers that Warhol designed with the intention of putting the design on a record cover. A few exceptions has found it’s way into my collection though. The reason for these two for doing just that is because i like 7″s, another reason is that one is by a swedish band. Fractal Flow i found at discogs and Döda Djur at a swedish site called Massproduktion, both are available for about $10 and both are in good condition but… both are clearly far away in the “Warhol cover outskirts” as far as i’m concerned.

The Silver Apples – Fractal Flow / Lovefingers (Enraptured – RAPT4507)


Enola Gay – Döda Djur / Storstad (Mistlur – MLR-22s)


2 thoughts on “With a few exceptions…

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