Count Basie – S/T

A real “find” from ebay. Or at least i thought it was a find until i recieved it, i guess the “find” aspect is up for discussion. But anyway, i’ve previously posted my reissue from Doxy Records so if nothing else i guess it’s fun to now also have a copy of the original.

Count Basie – S/T (RCA Victor – LPM-1112)

The few times i’ve been able to pick up something somewhat rare on ebay at what seems like a bargain i’ve almost always instantly gotten second thoughts. This was also the case with this album. The listing mentioned something about “light foxing”, which i have now learnt is age related discoloring. The images of the cover didn’t look to bad though and i also thought they might have been a little underexposed. They weren’t. It isn’t in terrible shape but it was a little worse than i expected. Both the front and back of the cover are quite evenly discolored, it’s not a disaster but clearly enough to explain the price. There is also a small beginning of a split seem at the top opening, roughly 1 cm. Apart from these issues it’s in very good condition though. Image


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