The Nation’s Nightmare on YouTube

First things first. I’ve decided to start blogging in english. Mainly due to the fact that this might attract a slightly bigger audience. I currently have two followers and about one hit per week, so… things can only get better to quote D:Ream. I haven’t decided if i’m going to edit and update all the previous posts, but i probably will do this here and there when i find the time.

Anyway, a week or so ago i recieved a mock-up copy of my favourite cover of all – The Nation’s Nightmare from Richard Forrest. I haven’t had time to post images of this cover yet but i will this weekend. I’ve also been very curious about the actual recording of the radio show. Naturally i didn’t get the album with the cover so i’ve had to look for the audio elsewhere. I’ve found two “episodes” or what you want to call it on YouTube and it really is a great and interesting listen.

I’ve also asked Frank Edwards who runs the excellent blog warholcovers for help and he was so kind to offer to rip the recordings and send them to me. Thanks so much for this Frank, can’t wait to hear them all.



Waltzes by Johann Strauss Jr.

With the exception of the box set Night Beat which there only seems to be a single copy of this has to be one of the rarest covers. Finding one is possible though but “smakar det så kostar det” as we say in swedish, i guess you might translate it to “if it’s tastes good it’s going to be pricey”. I’ve seen a handfull of these on ebay and to my knowledge two of the most prominent collectors each have a copy so there might have been 10 copies or so in circulation in the last couple of years. Popsike has logged 9 sales of this EP in the last 2-3 years and the average selling price is a crazy $3000. So in other words this is a cover that i, and many other collecters, will never be able to get a hold of. Richard Forrest, the most prominent swedish collector that i know of has posted on his blogg here about something that you might call the unofficial “Warhol covers collectors club” and at the moment i might consider myself a prospect to this club. But he makes a good point, all the collectors that i have come in contact with have been very kind and courteous. Everyone is also happy to provide information, advice and tips so it really is a nice club to belong to.

A while ago Richard mentioned that he had created his own mock-up copies of the cover to Giant Size $1.57 Each in connection with the show in Piteå 2008 that he curated. Unfortunately he didn’t have any of these still available but he also told me that he was in the process of a similar project. This time around he intended to create mock-ups of some other rare covers like Progressive Piano and Waltzes by Johann Strauss Jr. I asked Richard if he would be willing to sell me copies of these when the project was finished and he finished it a few weeks ago. Not only did he send me a copy of Waltzes free of charge but he also included some other gems, but more on this later. Since i didn’t get to pay him i sent him the yellow MTV High Priority that i’ve posted about earlier and another really outskirtish Warhol cover as a thank you. I recieved two copies of the cover with very slight differences between the two. First there is a small detail that separates the two in that the line “Printed in the U.S.A.” at the bottom right corner is only present on one. There is also a bit of a difference in the coloring of the covers, if this is the same for the originals i’m not sure of though. The EP was released on Camden, a budget label introduced by RCA Victor, and the catalogue number is CAE 158. I’ve also included some statistics from Popsike, in may 2012 a copy sold for a staggering $5467, absolutely crazy! Since then prices seem to have dropped a little bit but the record is offcourse still way out my reach. I can’t thank you enough for these, Richard. And the best part is, there is still more to come… Image Image Image

John Wallowitch – This is John Wallowitch!

I love black and white photography. I’m also very fond of repeated patterns and motives. So with that in mind it’s no big surprise that this is one of my favourite covers. As far as i know this is Warhols first album cover using photography as the medium resulting in a collage of photo booth type images. I’m not sure who the model is but i’ve always thought that it’s John Wallowitch’s brother Edward Wallowitch. Edward was a photographer and to the best of my knowledge also had a relationship with Warhol at about the time this cover was made. But who knows, maybe it’s John himself in the pictures.

John Wallowitch – This is John Wallowitch! (Serenus Records – SEP-2005)

This was an early addition to my collection and i remember being very happy to find a sealed copy on ebay. I also remember getting mad when it arrived because the mail man had left it outside the door to my apartment. At the time this was the most i had payed for an album. Now, a few years later i’ve come to realize that it’s not that incredibly rare and that i might have payed almost top dollar for it. Whenever i browse ebay i almost always see one or two sealed copies for about the same price that i payed.

It is a great looking cover though.


V/A – MTV High Priority x 2

A compilation album meant to raise awareness of breast cancer and with, i assume, the proceeds from the album being donated to charity. This isn’t one of my favourite covers due to several reasons. Primarily because it has an unfinished feeling to it, at least to me it does. This was also the cover that Warhol was working on when he was hospitalized and later passed away. Thus, the cover design was completed by his associates at The Factory, by who i don’t know.

So… i’m a little ambivalent regarding this cover. I haven’t been able to find any information regarding if the sketch on the cover is to be considered “finished” or if it was just still a draft. I also don’t know if Warhol had any input or ideas concerning the final design, coloring etc. or if this is the result of other peoples thoughts and ideas. Anyway, there are two versions of this cover. The first, and most common, one has red shading to the MTV logo and mixed red, white and blue colors on the text. The other, and much rarer one, has yellow shading to the logo as well as all the artists in black text and the same for the “Music Television” below the logo.

V/A – MTV High Priority (RCA Victor – 6396-1-R)

The version with red shading i’ve had for quite some time, if i remember correct i got it from ebay for a very resonable price. It’s sealed and in nearly perfect condition. This version is far from rare and right now there are a couple on both ebay and discogs for $20-30.

Last week i found what i almost didn’t know i was looking for. A copy with yellow shading to the logo. I noticed it about an hour after it was listed and i immediately hit “buy it now”. Since i haven’t really looked for it it’s hard for me to say how rare it is. Maybe the red one is a Volvo and the yellow one is Ferrari, they are out there but it’s not something you see every day. By my standard it’s in very nice condition apart from a small mark from what is probably a price sticker and a small ding to one of the corners.

This yellow one i had in my possession for roughly two hours. At this moment it’s on it’s way to Stockholm and Richard Forrest as a thank you for some unbelievably nice additions to my collection that he sent me and that i just picked up. But more on that later…

I hope you like it, Richard. And i hope it will be a nice addition to your collection. And many thanks once again.

With a few exceptions…

The primary focus of my collection has always been the covers that Warhol designed with the intention of putting the design on a record cover. A few exceptions has found it’s way into my collection though. The reason for these two for doing just that is because i like 7″s, another reason is that one is by a swedish band. Fractal Flow i found at discogs and Döda Djur at a swedish site called Massproduktion, both are available for about $10 and both are in good condition but… both are clearly far away in the “Warhol cover outskirts” as far as i’m concerned.

The Silver Apples – Fractal Flow / Lovefingers (Enraptured – RAPT4507)


Enola Gay – Döda Djur / Storstad (Mistlur – MLR-22s)


Count Basie – S/T

A real “find” from ebay. Or at least i thought it was a find until i recieved it, i guess the “find” aspect is up for discussion. But anyway, i’ve previously posted my reissue from Doxy Records so if nothing else i guess it’s fun to now also have a copy of the original.

Count Basie – S/T (RCA Victor – LPM-1112)

The few times i’ve been able to pick up something somewhat rare on ebay at what seems like a bargain i’ve almost always instantly gotten second thoughts. This was also the case with this album. The listing mentioned something about “light foxing”, which i have now learnt is age related discoloring. The images of the cover didn’t look to bad though and i also thought they might have been a little underexposed. They weren’t. It isn’t in terrible shape but it was a little worse than i expected. Both the front and back of the cover are quite evenly discolored, it’s not a disaster but clearly enough to explain the price. There is also a small beginning of a split seem at the top opening, roughly 1 cm. Apart from these issues it’s in very good condition though. Image