Everyday art?

I don’t know much about art, hardly anything really. I do however know enough to know what i like and what i don’t like. And i do like the idea behind that everyone who could buy an album would also be walking home with a piece of art. I don’t know if this was Warhols general idea with it all though, but i guess it seems likely. At least i think i’ve read that that was the case with the cover for Silk Electric which has a removable see-through plastic sticker on the front. If you remove it you end up with what for most people will be the closest they will ever get to having a painting by Warhol on the wall…

I don’t know if “everyday art” is the correct term for it but to me there’s something mellow and unpretentious about having these kinds of everyday objects around to decorate your home with. If it’s always to be considered art? Who knows, but what is really art anyway?

I have four covers up on one of the walls at home and a few others at the headboard of the bed. Some covers i keep up all of the time while others get replaced here and there when i feel the need for a new “look”. I’m not sure this is the best way to store the albums but i doubt it will cause any greater damage to them. One or two have hit the floor though, but i guess that’s the price you pay for having these nice covers on display.


Now on to something new. Or at least new to me. This summer i happened to listen to a rerun of an episode on swedish radio show P1 Dokumentär. The subject for the documentary was the so called KB-mannen, also known as Bibliotekstjuven (“the library thief”). In short it’s about a director at one of Swedens oldest and finest libraries who stole old and valuable books for personal profit. Before this i don’t think i had ever comtemplated about the fact that there might be a private market for books in the million dollar range. I guess i thought books like that were all tucked away in libraries and museums somewhere. I don’t really remember how or why but for some reason i started to have a look around on ebay for expensive books, just to see what was there. Then i offcourse did the standard browsing for some album covers. Depending on what you search for it’s not uncommon that one or two books pops up among the search results. Usually i don’t pay any attention to these but this time something quite interesting popped up which caught my interest. This was a booked called Three More Novels by Ronald Firbank with a dust jacket with a style and design that looked oddly familiar. It also turned out it was designed but none other than Andy Warhol.

Up until now i had no idea he also designed dust jackets, so this was a very interesting “personal discovery”. After some googling it turns out he only did a handfull and what’s also a bit surprising is that these don’t seem to have sparked the same interest as his album covers.

For me to ever have a complete collection of Warhols album covers is as i’ve said before highly unlikely. So is it more likely to find all his dust jackets? I guess that remains to be seen, but even though there don’t seem to be quite the same interest in them i guess this will also be somewhat of an impossible quest. But if nothing else collecting these will surely be a fun complement to the album covers.

Go read a book!

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