The little red hen

Another great find on ebay for just short of $5. As with the previous one i’m uncertain whether this is a first edition or not. There is no dust jacket but otherwise the book is in nice condition. Unlike the previous one this one has great sparkling colors and is also full of some small and funny details.

The Little Red Hen – (Best in Children’s Books #15 – Doubleday, 1958)


Speaking of books…

With the record covers i’ve decided to limit my collection to the covers where the purpose of the design was just that – to end up on a record cover. Covers with images from Warhols movies etc. i’ve chosen to exclude, primarily because this makes it a manageble number of covers to deal with and to keep track of. A few exceptions are there though, like the Silver Apples and the Enola Gay records.

Likewise, there’s already a few exceptions in my newly started book collection. Apparently Warhol did some freelance work as an illustrator for the publisher Doubleday in the 50’s and 60’s. During this period Doubleday put out several books in a popular childrens book series called Best of Children’s Books. Warhol did the illustrations to (at least?) six of the stories in this series and so far i’ve found four of these..

I’m trying to read up on how you determine what’s a first edition and what’s not. This makes little difference though as i’m basically just pursuing this a fun side project. I’ve found them all on ebay for next to nothing, a few dollars each. None of them still have the dust jacket which i’m sure lowers the value quite a bit but to me that makes little to no difference.

Sophocles and the Hyena – (Best in Children’s Books #33 – Doubleday, 1960)

The book is it decent condition. It’s a little loose in the binding, or spine or whatever it’s called. I first had an idea to cut out all the pages with Warhols drawings and then do someting with them, but i’m not sure… Guess we’ll see what happens. I payed $3 for it and at least the interesting pages are in nice condition.


Johnny Griffin ‎– The Congregation

Time for some records again after the latest few book posts. And next in line is another reissue, i don’t think i’ve ever seen an original copy of this album on either ebay or any other site. And if and when one eventually does show up it’s unlikely i will be the lucky winner of that auction. It’s a great looking cover though, reissue or not.

 Johnny Griffin ‎– The Congregation (Blue Note – BN 1580)

I think i found this on musicstack for somewhere around $15-20 and i also rememeber that this was another early addition to my collection. I think it’s a reissue on Blue Note released in 2003, it’s sealed and in mint condition. But to what good? I’m sure these count to thirteen a dozen…


The Saint in Europe – Leslie Charteris (Doubleday,1953)

If it was somewhat easy even for my untrained eyes to recognize the style on the dust jacket to Three More Novels i can’t say the same about this one. I found it at a book store in the US via amazon at a very resonable price – roughly $40 dollar. As with Three More Novels this one is also in good condition. It’s an old library book judging from some stamps on the first few pages. It appears to have wandered around at least two different libraries in Michigan before it for some reason got a “discard” stamp. The dust jacket is protected by mylar, i have no idea if this has any effect on the value. It looks as if it’s removable without causing any damage to the book so it will stay on for now at least.

Futhermore this is one, of what i think are two books from some kind of book club “Doubleday Crime Book Club” where Warhol designed the dust jackets. The other one, which also appears to be his first ever dust jacket he designed is Pistols for two published in 1951. This one seems to have every possibility to be the dust jacket equivalent to the Ratfab cover. But we’ll see, naturally i don’t know to much about the Warhol dust jacket market yet. I haven’t been able to find any information regarding if Warhol had something to do with the design on the back cover, but i think it’s a standard design for the books in this series.

The-Saint-In-Europe-Warhol-1 The-Saint-In-Europe-Warhol-2 The-Saint-In-Europe-Warhol-3

Three More Novels – Ronald Firbank (New Directions, 1951)

I found this pretty much by accident on ebay a few weeks ago and payed about $50 for it. Naturally i haven’t seen it before and can’t find any others for sale online so it’s hard to tell if it was a good deal or not. Also, i’m not really that into the book collectors club yet but to my understanding this is NOT the first edition of this book BUT it’s the first published edition that has this particular cover. But who knows, maybe i got “scammed”. It looks good however and it definately didn’t ruin me, so win/win.

The condition is pretty good and the jacket is protected by mylar. It has no major issues besides from a little age related discoloring here and there, but all in all i’m very happy about the condition.

There’s also the fun detail with the name “Andrew Warhol”.

Three-More-Novels-Warhol-1 Three-More-Novels-Warhol-2 Three-More-Novels-Warhol-3 Three-More-Novels-Warhol-4

Everyday art?

I don’t know much about art, hardly anything really. I do however know enough to know what i like and what i don’t like. And i do like the idea behind that everyone who could buy an album would also be walking home with a piece of art. I don’t know if this was Warhols general idea with it all though, but i guess it seems likely. At least i think i’ve read that that was the case with the cover for Silk Electric which has a removable see-through plastic sticker on the front. If you remove it you end up with what for most people will be the closest they will ever get to having a painting by Warhol on the wall…

I don’t know if “everyday art” is the correct term for it but to me there’s something mellow and unpretentious about having these kinds of everyday objects around to decorate your home with. If it’s always to be considered art? Who knows, but what is really art anyway?

I have four covers up on one of the walls at home and a few others at the headboard of the bed. Some covers i keep up all of the time while others get replaced here and there when i feel the need for a new “look”. I’m not sure this is the best way to store the albums but i doubt it will cause any greater damage to them. One or two have hit the floor though, but i guess that’s the price you pay for having these nice covers on display.


Now on to something new. Or at least new to me. This summer i happened to listen to a rerun of an episode on swedish radio show P1 Dokumentär. The subject for the documentary was the so called KB-mannen, also known as Bibliotekstjuven (“the library thief”). In short it’s about a director at one of Swedens oldest and finest libraries who stole old and valuable books for personal profit. Before this i don’t think i had ever comtemplated about the fact that there might be a private market for books in the million dollar range. I guess i thought books like that were all tucked away in libraries and museums somewhere. I don’t really remember how or why but for some reason i started to have a look around on ebay for expensive books, just to see what was there. Then i offcourse did the standard browsing for some album covers. Depending on what you search for it’s not uncommon that one or two books pops up among the search results. Usually i don’t pay any attention to these but this time something quite interesting popped up which caught my interest. This was a booked called Three More Novels by Ronald Firbank with a dust jacket with a style and design that looked oddly familiar. It also turned out it was designed but none other than Andy Warhol.

Up until now i had no idea he also designed dust jackets, so this was a very interesting “personal discovery”. After some googling it turns out he only did a handfull and what’s also a bit surprising is that these don’t seem to have sparked the same interest as his album covers.

For me to ever have a complete collection of Warhols album covers is as i’ve said before highly unlikely. So is it more likely to find all his dust jackets? I guess that remains to be seen, but even though there don’t seem to be quite the same interest in them i guess this will also be somewhat of an impossible quest. But if nothing else collecting these will surely be a fun complement to the album covers.

Go read a book!

Kenny Burrell – S/T

Another great looking cover and yet another one where i’ve had to resort to buying a reissue. I’ve seen a few original copies on ebay, right now there’s one copy on ebay with a staggering starting bid of $1700. The lastest original copy sold at the end of june for almost $900, so in other words i’ll probably be stuck with my reissue for quite some time.

Kenny Burrell – S/T (Blue Note – BST 81543)

I believe i found this on discogs, where there’s currently another two copies for sale right now. I think it’ sometimes dubbed at Vol. 2 though i’m not sure why? Anyway, it’s a reissue on Blue Note from the mid 70’s. I won’t claim that it’s rare in any capacity but i still haven’t seen too many of it, at least not compared to the reissues of Blue Lights which i feel are a lot more common.

The condition is more than OK, at one point it has fallen of my wall and gotten a little dent to one of the corners. It’s mostly visible from the back so it’s not something that bothers me too much. A clean, good looking cover with a very intersting perspective. I must admit i like the original better with the red and yellow text against the black and white drawing. But i guess you can’t always have it all…


More from Recordpalace

This is a few weeks old now, but Recordpalace has sold another copy on ebay and this time around the auction ended at $1100. I actually put in a bid for this one also but was nowhere close to winning it.

I’m also waiting on information from Recordpalace if they’re willing to sell me copies of the extra material they had and sold together with the first copy the had up on ebay. To be continued…

I’m also still working on my DIY Brillo Box, also here it’s to be continued… perhaps indefinately.

Ratfab – Det brinner en eld / Mörka ögon

So… the quest is over. I’ve actually had it laying around at home since the start of the summer but i haven’t gotten around to posting in a while. But now is the time.

Ratfab – Det brinner en eld / Mörka ögon (Red House Records – RH-2)

I can’t really remember when i first got my eyes on it, but i know fore sure that it was through Richard Forrest’s excellent list Rateyourmusic. At first i didn’t really put much of an effort into finding it. I did the random searches on ebay and discogs and came to the conclusion that this most likely was a record that i would probably never find and/or afford. Or i would at least have problems convincing myself to justify a purchase. Or at least so i thought. Time went on and i picked up other covers here and there which had a little healthier price tag. Before i knew it was stuck with something that at least resembled a collection. And every collection must have it’s crown jewel.

I think it was the combination of it being by a swedish band (thus making the possibilities for me to find it a little bit better compared to many of the other rare covers) and that it had such a great backstory to it which made me develop an extreme “must have feeling”.

Somehow i found the emailadress to Calle Häggqvist who played bass in the band and eventually he made me an offer to buy a copy which unfortunately didn’t happen. I also contacted my two involuntary mentors Richard Forrest and Frank Edwards to ask if they, against all odds, had an extra copy laying around. I posted on forums, ad sites and contacted almost every single online record store i could find. All to no avail.

Every now and then the record would appear on ebay and so in may a copy was posted from a swedish online record shop that i hadn’t seen before. This copy also had some interesting extra material like a press release and some other things and eventually sold for more than i was willing and/or able to pay at the time. I then contacted the seller, intentionally only to enquire about the extra material but i offcourse also asked if they had more copies available and if they might be willing to part from one outside of ebay. And they did. I was offered two different copies, the first had quite a lot of ring wear and some other issues. The second one looked much better. I debated with myself for quite some time i finally decided to go for the better looking copy, and i don’t regret this for a second. It’s not in perfect condition but i am more than pleased and so happy about finally having this cover to add to my collection!

But “smakar det så kostar det” (if it’s tastes good it’s most likely expensive). My hopes where offcourse to find the record hidden and forgotten in a bin somehere in the back of an old record shop, but like i’ve said there simply isn’t time to move around and try to find it. And i also do believe that most owners of the few record stores that still exist know enough to not sell this record for a few dollars.

So… it was with somewhat mixed feelings i put this cover up display at home. Offourse it’s fun, great and exciting to finally get a hold of it for what turned out to be a fair price. But intentionally there was a slighly different plan. But this is good enough. And the chance to sometime find it for some spare change hasn’t disappeared just because it’s now up on my wall. Someday… maybe…