Fakes and forgeries?

There’s tons of drawings, sketches and paintings on ebay that are signed “Andy Warhol”. A search for “signed warhol drawing” gives at least 100 hits and without looking at them closely or being any kind of expert the absolute majority are offcourse fakes.

There are also tons of fake records, they say that Introducing the Beatles is the worlds most counterfeited record and that there’s probably millions of fake copies. Another example is Six Pistols 7″ God Save The Queen where there also seem to exist an endless number of fakes and counterfeits.

If you put 2 and 2 together one might think that it’s a bit surprising that you never see any, or at last very seldom, album covers that are signed “Andy Warhol”. A search on ebay today turns up zero results. The only time i’ve ever seen any on ebay is one or two signed copes of Sticky Fingers starting at ridiculous prices.

If one would really want to it’s obviously not too difficult to create extremely well made fakes so with that in mind it’s a bit strange that we don’t see more copes of The Nation’s Nightmare’s, Ultra Violet’s or Waltzes by Johann Strauss Jr’s. Offcourse there’s the issue with the actual vinyl itself but these three particular covers would sell for big money even without the record.

But it appears the last idiot in Sweden, or perhaps elsewhere also for that matter, is not born yet. A few months ago swedish auction house Bukowskis put up a claimed signed copy of the single Fuego on their budget internet auction site – Bukowskis Market. Amazingly it sold for a little more than 5000kr, roughly $800-900, and this is without provenance or any other documentation, nothing besides a note from the seller. Quite amazing.

The thought to create my own “semi fake” has crossed my mind. I’ve been contemplating buying an original copy of The Velvet Underground & Nico with the banana peeled and then cut out a banana from a reissue, get some dirt on it and then place it on the original. I doubt i will ever get around to it though, although there’s nothing like the joy of fooling one’s self.

Anyway, it’s very nice to see that the scammers are keeping their hands of Warhol and his record covers, i really hope it stays that way.


2 thoughts on “Fakes and forgeries?

  1. Förra veckan besökte jag NostalgiPalatset på S:t Eriksgatan i Stockholm efterson det är det enda stället där jag vet det går att få tag i LP-mailers. Jag hade lite skivomslag som jag ville skicka till dig, bl a. Väl där stod jag och snackade men de som jobbar och fick höra att Bukowskis hade i våras sålt ett Warholomslag som ingen kände till. Jag tänkte att jag MÅSTE kolla upp detta, men det försvann och jag vaknade inatt med tanken att jag skulle googla men nu sparar du mig besväret.Så det var ett signerat ex av Fuego-singeln som de sålde. Jag är inte riktigt klar över om det är den 12″ eller 7″ (sannolikt den 12″, eftersom autografen är så liten.) Hade jag känt till auktionen hade jag nog varit med och bjudit, men 5000 pix är väl över min budget…

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