Tennessee Williams – Reading From the Glass Menagerie

One of my absolute favourite covers. The drawings, the coloring and the calligraphy – simply perfection! It always puts a smile on my face and this is one of the covers which has a permanent spot on my wall. I’ve negotiated so that i’m allowed to have four put up, the other three spots i rotate and change from time to time.

Tennessee Williams – Reading From the Glass Menagerie (Caedmon – TC 1005)

I have a hard time remembering when i got this cover but i do remember that it was on ebay and that i was very happy to finally get a hold of it and to a resonable price. I also believe that it didn’t pop up one ebay back then as it does now. But looking at the statistics from popsike it appears to be a quite even flow of sales so i might be misstaken. The condition is great by my standards, a little smudging here and there but nothing that effects the general look and hardly any ring wear or other issues.

According to Richard Forrests list at Rateyourmusic and the excellent blog Warholcovers there are a number of variations of this cover. Each has some different coloring and placement of the catalogue number, my copy has this number at the bottom right corner. I’m not sure which version is considered most rare and how big the difference in price is. But again, looking at the statistics the prices vary quite a bit so it’s not unlikely that one version is more desirable than the others. When i find the time i’ll try and do a more thorough analysis and put together some graphs and statistics of all different variations seperately.

Prices in USD as usal, the one in green is in GBP, the yellow is in canadian dollars and the one in blue is in euros.



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