More statistics…

Some more numbers on some of the more rare covers, once again gathered from popsike. Regarding A Program of Mexican Music there is a perhaps odd development in that it sold for high amounts before Marechal’s book was published only to drop down to more humane levels after it’s publication. The one marked in yellow is in euro, the one in red was and auction where the program brochure was included and the ones marked in green are auctions where both the blue and green verion of the cover was included.

Trombone by Three follows the same trend as many other rare covers with peaks during 2011 only to fall back somewhat in later years. It still sells for very high prices though so it’s not an album i will ever get a hold of. I find it a little strange that it had such an obvious peak during 2011 seeing that it was put up for auction quite a few times in the years before.

A Program of Mexican Music

Trombone by Three


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