Count Basie – S/T

This is one of my favourite covers. A clean design, mostly black and white with a splash of color, very nice! Right now i only have a reissue from Doxy Records that i picked up from ebay. According to the seller these are 500 copies made of these. I don’t know how much truth there is in this statement since i’m having quite a difficult time finding any information about the label Doxy Records. Quite potentially a sellers trick that i somewhat fell for.

Count Basie – S/T (Doxy Records – DOX854)

I’m a little undecided whether or not i’m pleased with this purshase. Though in perfect condition it still is and always will be a reissue. I’ve just recently won an aution on ebay for an original copy that looked pretty good so togehter they will make a nice set i guess. I find it hard to price many of these reissues, for example there’s a reissue of the very nice cover to Trombone by Three on ebay right now for $70-80. A resonable price? It’s probably also not the best idea from a financial point of view to buy to many of these reissues if you’re still planning on sometime picking up an original. But at least you get something to put up on the wall before that happens.



3 thoughts on “Count Basie – S/T

  1. Hej Niklas! Denna återutgivning kommer från en 5-LP box med titel “Andy Warhol’s Jazz Album Covers” i två band. Boxarna utgavs i 500 numrerade ex december 2011 på italienska DOXY Records. Du hade nog gjort ett bättre köp att köpa båda boxar eftersom de kostar mellan $60-120 styck!

  2. Hej Richard! Ja, det hade det definitivt varit. Tack för informationen, och då ska jag verkligen inte nappa på den där Trombone by Three som jag antar är från någon av boxarna. Tack för informationen!

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