John Cale – Honi Soit

First and foremost there’s a very exciting package on the kitchen table here just screaming to be opened. But that will have to wait until tonight or early tomorrow morning. But on to this cover which is one of the first i added to my collection. I not particularly fond of this cover, i’ve read that Warhol initially provided the cover in black and white and that Cale himself decided to color it. I think it would have looked much better in black and white and i also recall reading somehere that Cale regretted his desicion later on. But what are you going to do, it is what it is.

John Cale – Honi Soit (A&M Records ‎– AMLH 64849)

Like i said this was one of the first additions once i decided to start collecting these cover. It was a stupid impulse purchase from discogs if my memory serves me correct. The cover is in decent condition, some wear to an area on the front from a price sticker i guess and some jagged edges. This one definately needs an upgrade in the future, it’s not too difficult to find in good condition at a resonable price. This copy won’t sell for much though so as usual it often gets pricey when you buy cheap.



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