George Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue / Grand Canyon Suite

Not one of my favourite cover but it is however a cover that i’ve been chasing after for quite some time. I finally got a hold of not to long ago on ebay for a fair price. It’s still one of the most expensive covers i’ve bought though, depending on how you look at it…

George Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue / Grand Canyon Suite (RCA Victor ‎– LBC-1045)

I found this on discogs a couple of years ago for what seemed like a bargain. I threw myself at Paypal to quickly close the deal and i remember thinking how lucky i was that no one had snatched it before me. When i opened the package a week or so later i understood why. It was a totally different version with a completely different cover. I didn’t even bother to return it or ask the seller why he put this for sale linked to the version with the Warhol cover. I just marched straight to the garbage bin and put it where it belonged. With poor due diligence you really can’t blame anyone but yourself.

Then came my second attempt. About a year ago i got it from ebay, again at a very fair price. The seller promised to ship it straight away but days turned to weeks that turned to months and nothing happened. I got plenty of explanations to why this happened though, the record was lost, then found. She broke up with her boyfriend and the record was at his place and so and so… She had nothing but positive feedback so i still thought that it would actually arrive one day. Then she suddenly stopped replying to my emails. I then tried to revoke the deal via ebay but by then enough time had passed since the auction ended so this wasn’t possible anymore. I then tried to do the same thing via Paypal, somehow i got a case registered and then contacted the seller and told her what was going on. I then got a quick reply saying that the record would be shipped the same day.

Unfortunately it didn’t end there. At some point during all this i had changed my shipping adress to a distant relative in Washington D.C. to be able to bid on an item where the seller refused to ship outside the US. And then i had forgotten to change the shipping adress back to my “real” one. So, if the seller actually shipped the record she did so with my name on it to relatives adress. I tried to contact her and tell her that i would pay for the extra shipping if she could somehow get the package returned to sender but i never heard from her again. I got an email from FedEx about a package they couldn’t deliver and tried to contact them but nothing came of that either.

Anyway, third time’s a charm, isn’t that what they say? So i finally got a hold of it (again) on ebay. The condition isn’t great, or by my measurements it is. There is a teeny tiny yellow sticker on the front cover, i’m guess it’s some kind of sticker to mark the price. And there’s the sliiiiiiightest of ring wear on the front cover and some general age related discoloring to the back. Nothing major really.

But then there’s the seams, and that’s a whole other story. It barely stays in one piece at the moment. I’m planning on glueing them back together but i haven’t found the time yet. Split seams generally don’t bother me too much and this copy is good enough, at least for me.



3 thoughts on “George Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue / Grand Canyon Suite

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