Miguel Bosé ‎– Made In Spain

I’m not the best person to ask about the story behind a lot of the covers. Most of what little i do know comes from Richard Forrests and Frank Edwards blogs, both are excellent reads by the way, and from Richards list at rateyourmusic. Using these as starting points i’ve then put them together with information from others sources as well and tried to learn as i go along.

So instead of trying to tell the story behind the covers, which others do better, i intend to tell my story of how, when and where i found the covers i have so far.

Miguel Bosé ‎– Made In Spain (CBS S25496)

I guess you could say that this is the cover that started it all. I actually had this cover for a long time before i even started collecting. Many years ago my parents wanted to get rid of all their old records which they felt took up to much space. Before they got thrown out i went trough it all, i hadn’t heard of Miguel Bosé but i noticed Warhols signature and thought that was kind of neat so i decided to keep this one. The thought that he might have designed other covers didn’t strike me at this point though. Unfortunately my parents don’t remember when or where they got this, so no backstoty there.

It isn’t in the best of condition. A fairly large ding to one of the corners and a smaller one to another, there’s also a few semi split seams. I picked up a replacement copy on discogs a few years ago but that is the only package so far that i’ve had not to arrive, so this one will have to make due for a while to come.

It isn’t my favourite cover, but it is my first. And don’t they say you never forget your first?


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