My so called collection

Since only posting about my hunt after the Ratfab record might be a little slow i’m planning to eventually start posting pictures of the covers currently in my collection. As soon as i find the usb cable to my camera i’ll get going.

In other news the b-side to the single is on YouTube. I listened to Det brinner en eld a few times a while back when the audio was imbedded in an auction at ebay. I can’t really remember the tune now though, guess i’ll have to wait until i get the record before i can refresh my memory and listen to it again. Mörka ögon is quite good though, it has a smooth feel to it, kind of sounds like another swedish band called Imperiet, or is it perhaps Imperiet that sounds like Ratfab?

I’m also looking at two copies of Mendelssohn and Liszt, one copy of Nocturnes and a reissue of Trombone By Three ok ebay. The latter is one of my favourite covers and i most likely will never afford an original so we’ll see what happens with these…


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