During a brief period of… is it called aridity(?) at work today i decided to do some PI work. Calle Häggqvist who played bass in the band i have already found the contact information to and also had some contact with. But what about the others? First i found out that the record label Redhouse Productions HB still exists. I thought this was quite fun and interesting and i immediately started drafting a letter to send to the company, i also did a search on Googlemaps and noticed that a company namned Blackhouse were situated in the same building.

I remembered the name Blackhouse from Calles emailadress thus this put a stop to my hopes of finding someone else who might have the record since i had already tried my luck with Calle. And since i don’t want to make myself out to be some kind of crazy person i deleted my draft almost immediately.

I found two of the other guys in the band on a swedish site called but i’ve decided not to bother them with any questions about the record. I doubt they would take offense or anything but you never know.

Speaking of stalking, a few years ago i “stalked” Anna-Lena Wibom. Anna-Lena lived together with swedish museum director and art collector Pontus Hultén and both were good friends with Andy Warhol. A few years ago (2006-2007) there was quite the scandal concerning Hultén and a number of now infamous wooden Brillo Boxes. These were being sold at very high prices in autions due to a letter of confirmation from Hultén that these had been a part of the exhibition in Stockholm in 1968. However, these boxes were really created in Malmö in 1990 for an exhibition in St Petersburg, thus the scandal. Or one might call it “scandal” considering Andy Warhols views on ownership and originality.

I’ve wanted a Brillo Box for a long time. But to ever have an original one on the floor at home is something that most definately will not ever happen. But a few years ago swedish documentary radio show P3 Dokumentär did a show on this very story. A show were Anna-Lena was interviewed and told, among many other things, that she still had two of these “fake” Brillo Boxes at home. I wrote her a letter asking if she would ever consider selling one. To my surprise she wrote me back almost instantly. The boxes were not for sale but i did get some other stories and information which was much appreciated.

So, i’m now in the process of making my own Brillo Box. This has been an ongoing project for quite some time, mainly due to the fact that i’m far, far, far from what you might call a handy man. At present time the box is at least put together and there is “only” the small detail regarding the painting that remains. The final result will probably now look as good as this one, but hopefully it will turn out decent.



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