Holmens Marknad and Recordpalace.com

Close to where i work is one of Gothenburgs largest, but unfortunately also worst, second hand shops called Holmens Marknad. Insane amounts of garbage furniture mixed up with various porclains, clothes and offcourse the ever present pianos. Like in any other second hand store there is also some 10-15 cases of records. In lack of other things to do i usually visit the shop 1-2 times a week during my lunch break, just to have a quick look if there’s anything new there. I’ve been there quite a few times now and records are probably not their biggest seller so i pretty much know the content by heart at this point. There are rarely any new additions and the amount of 7″s is far from impressive so it’s not a massive task to go through it.

I highly doubt that i’ll ever find it here but they say things happen when you least expect it so, who knows…

And so to something more fun. I’ve had some contact with Göran at recordpalace.com about the backstory of the copy he sold at ebay recently. And it was quite a funny and interesting story. Göran had purchased a lot of 7″s from a record shop in Sundsvall when it closed up sometime in the mid 90’s. The owner of that shop had at one point bought the entire, or parts of swedish journalist and media personality – Bengt Grafströms – record collection. And so that’s the origin of the letter and press release that was included in the auction.

I asked Göran how many Ratfab’s he had seen through the years and he wasn’t quite sure but it was more than a few, and a couple had most likely been sold at the shop for next to nothing. But on to something very positive, ha also told me that he had a few more copies laying around. He didn’t say exactly how many and i got the impression that they might be in a bit worse condition than the first one he sold. And he didn’t have any more with any extra material like the press release etc. Naturally i asked him if he would consider selling a copy outside of ebay, i haven’t heard back from him yet. I also added that my financial resources are somewhat limited so we’ll see what happens. Hopefully he will wake up happy one day and decide to sell me a copy at a resonable price.

To be continued.


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