Though the dream offcourse is to find the record stuffed away somewhere in the back of some old recordstore for $1 i unfortunately don’t have the time to run around looking for it. The chance of actually finding it in this way is probably also close to zero. Only 500 copies made and most likely the owners of most recordstores that still do business where i live have know to just use Google when they come across something that might look rare and interesting.

However, the plan is to try and get out at least once a month and run through the few recordstores in Gothenburg that are still active. I doubt anything will come from it, but just to see what’s out there and to maybe make some new connections with people in the business.

In the last week i’ve emailed most of the swedish online recordstores and believe it or not but one of them actually had a copy. Nostalgipalatset had a copy they claimed to be in EX/EX+ condition and they are asking 5000kr for it, roughly $850-900. They haven’t sent me any images of the cover yet and the price is a bit to high to cause me to get too excited. I’ll probably make them a real “poor mans offer” and see what happens…


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