Buy and sell ads…

It’s unlikely that this will be a race against the clock. And though there probably won’t be any revolutionary development on a daily basis my ambition is still to try and update as often as possible, at least a few times a week.

I’m a member of most of the big and active online forums regarding vinyl and vinylcollecting that i know of and i’ve previously posted on most of them looking for the album, so far offcourse without any luck.Today i made new attempts at recordnerds and the recordcollectorsguild. It remains to be seen if anything comes from this, but my expectations are… to put it lightly, rather low.

I’ve also been emailing with a member on one of the sites who sold a copy about a year ago on the swedish site Tradera. He had found the record in a shop in Linköping for $1 and it sold for roughly $800. This is offcourse the dream. Although highly unlikely it’s fun to hear stories like this and to know that these kinds of things still can happen. I just hope it will happen to me next!

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