Hi, this blog will focus on my quest to find the extremely rare 7″ single “Det brinner en eld / Mörka ögon” by the swedish band Ratfab. The single was released in 1984 in Sweden only and about 500 copies were made. Upon release the single didn’t cause much of a buzz but in later years it has become highly sought after by collectors due to the fact that the cover is designed buy none other than Andy Warhol.

I’ve been collecting these “Warhol covers” for a few years and getting a hold of this single might prove to be an impossible dream. But considering it’s by a swedish band and that i’m swedish the odds should be a bit better compared to getting a hold of The Nation’s Nightmare or any other of the absolute rarest covers. It is quite possible though that this quest might last a lifetime.

Unfortunately i don’t have unlimited financial recources which will make it all a little bit more difficult. For a long time i’ve thought (dreamed) that it might be possible to find the album for $2-300 but those days are most likely over. The few times i’ve seen in on ebay and other sites the selling price has been much, much more than this. Hopefully sometime the stars will align and it will be my turn to put it on the turntable, but with the rising popularity of vinyl in general who knows when this will be. Most likely the prices on items like this will continue to rise so hopefully i can snatch one somewhere before the possibility is gone forever.

So here we go, wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Ok, I tried some writing here a minute ago… It just disappeared.
    Here we go again: Just checking wether you have red this interesting article about Ratfab in the Swedish Magazine Café. .If not……

    The article is in Swedish and, coincidentally was published on Andy Warhol’s birthday, 6th August 2008, in the Swedish magazine Café. The article is actually an interview with Tomas Alfredsson, a Swedish film producer. At the end of the interview he was asked whether it was true that Andy Warhol had designed the cover for a single by the band in which he had been the drummer.
    Here’s the text where he explains how Warhol came to design the cover.

    TAW (for the magazin Café): Finally, I have to ask if it is true that Andy Warhol designed the cover to your old rock band’s only single?

    TA: When I was about 15 I was the drummer in a band called Ratfab, Roland and the Flying Albatros Band. Our bass player, Called Häggqvist, had a very original grandfather, Arne Häggqvist. He lived in a little two-room flat in Gubbängen with his huge art collection and organized literary salons in the basement. Arne was a Swedish teacher, translator, writer and publisher. He introduced Sartre in Swedish, was a social genius and became acquainted with many interesting, remarkable, weird and famous people all over the world. He wrote “Största Cocktailboken2 (The Biggest Cocktail book), which is, as far as I know, still the biggest cocktail book. Arne was also an art expert and wrote the first book on how to evaluate art.

    TAW: And he was a friend of Andy Warhol?

    TA: – He had met Hemingway and Salvador Dali and translated Dali’s books. And he knew Andy Warhol. Every summer Arne sold a painting from his art collection to finance a trip for himself and his grandson Calle. That summer they were going to New York and would meet Andy Warhol himself at The Factory. When the band got to hear of this we told Calle: “You must ask if he can make us a logo!” And when Calle sat there with Warhol, he actually asked him. “Sure I can.” He produced an Andy Warhol letter paper and made a few suggestions that he signed.

    TAW: What did they look like?

    TA: – He wrote the band’s name in pastel and signed underneath. We were totally wild because of it and thought that it would compensate for our musical shortcomings, which, however, it did not. But we pressed a single and a T-shirt. And it was cool to find ourselves in the company of Velvet Underground and Rolling Stones, even if the contents in our case wasn’t as exciting as the outside.”

    My son found one of those in left overs from his school time in Lidingö Stockholm. I told him that he could try it on Ebay as it apparently is a chase for it. He also had his own band and knew most of the members in Ratfab. ( I hope you noticed what the name Ratfab stand for “Roland and the Flying Albatros Band”. That’s nice!

    Best regards Björn Fredén Sweden

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